Welcome to the paradise of adherence climbing!

La Pedriza is a large granite place located on the southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama, within the Spanish countryside of Manzanares el Real, in the northwest of the Community of Madrid. This place is formed by numerous cliffs, rocky walls, scree, streams and meadows. It is a great area for nature sport lovers. 

La Pedriza, the largest batholithic complex in Europe, is the perfect place if we are looking for a climb on granite in which balance and full confidence in our feet are our best allies. In it we will find more than 1,000 routes of all kinds, with peaks as mythical as El Yelmo, el Pájaro or Peña Sirio.

The mechanical actions that have been exerted on these rocks for millions of years have formed very curious and attractive forms, especially for climbers, since they have about a thousand climbing routes of different difficulties.



La Pedriza, in Madrid, has become a bouldering destination in its own right. This mythical school in the center of the city lives not only by climbing with rope adherence. A very active group has opened hundreds of boulder problems in recent years.

In La Pedriza you can practice climbing, due to the enormous number of practicable walls that exist. It is estimated that there are around 1000 climbing routes and there are all kinds of difficulties. La Pedriza, with sloping plates, few protrusions that serve as handles and polished chimneys, requires a time to adapt and unique techniques.

La Pedriza is one of the areas with the most boulder problems in Spain and the proof of this are its 78 sectors, where there is a lot of diversity to choose from: no less than 3,470 boulder problems. With an exceptional and very adherent granite, in plates, walls, arches and falls, even perfect fissures.

“Infinite bouldering paradise”

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