Albarracín is the largest block area in Spain and one of the best bouldering areas in Europe. Climbers from all over the world come to Albarracín every year to scale its blocks of sandstone in this magical pine forest. Albarracín is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the country and is also a paradise for bouldering fans, that’s why many stay here for weeks or even months!


Bouldering in Albarracin

Albarracín, also known as the “Spanish Fontainebleau”, is a red sandstone bouldering paradise situated close to Teruel, in the middle of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Albarracin has the reputation as the best bouldering area in Spain. It is often described as the next best bouldering area in Europe behind Fontainebleau, and is very popular with Spanish climbers. Like Fontainebleau, Albarracin has many huge ancient sandstone blocks that are solid, well-weathered and situated in a forest. There are a variety of problems to climb from quality slabs, amazing arêtes, overhanging walls on crimps and cracks, to huge roofs. There is a good spread of grades at Albarracin ranging from Fontainebleau 3 to 8b+, with the majority in the 5 to 7b range.

Albarracín offers around 1600 problems on a compact area, and it’s perfect for those looking for an efficient place where it’s easy to climb a lot in a short time.

The reddish sandstone rock of Albarracín has a special grip. We find abundant blunt dams and technical mantles, although there is no shortage of batten blocks and collapsed roofs.

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